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Need a new or used vehicle
visit our Autofind it..... Autofound it we search our own database and others to find you the car your looking for Autofind it.... Autofound it.

Do you have any Car insurance advice?

When buying a new or used vehicle its preferable to source your own vehicle insurance before signing the purchase contract at the bank or dealership as in most cases your individual history with regards to your past vehicles will not be known to the dealership and thus theyre not able to get you a better deal or reduced premiums which you in your own personal capacity could have negotiated

What is your business history?

Autofind the brand was established in 2002 in order to offer the general public the 1st free Magazine in South Africa where they could search for the vehicle they wished to purchase, however due to the world wide shift to online purchasing we found it prudent to also shift focus to online advertising in order to give our end user customer quicker and better service

What motor vehicle is most reliable?

Traditionally your Japanese Brands such as Toyota and Honda held monopoly on reliability but in recent years The Korean Brands have made big inroads into the public perception of Reliable Vehicle Kia and Hyundai being fine Examples of this and in the last 2 years Chinese Brands have also been working hard to change public opinion The New Geely EC7 which has the highest Ncap rating for Any Chinese vehicle manufacturer ever.

What is the cars history, condition, and age?

WE have Numerous Vehicles new and used a on our website we search our own database and every other for the vehicle you request, we are extremely service orientated you the Client are our priority

Can you describe the specs, interior, and any extras?

The Vehicles on vary in Make Model and specifications you may search according to your price range desired make model and mileage should you so desire,we have daily run around basic models to the more comprehensively speced sports car

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