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the Price Time Letter
United States - New York
In depth Stock market Analysis, based on research made with perspectives on value investing and technical analysis.
We provide a 2-week letter with analysis and predictions about the US stock market.
Read our articles for free on our website, and decide for yourself.

Where should you invest money?

Mainly in Solid picks, index ETFs according to the trend, dont be shy to SHORT the market when it is over bought.

Stocks to buy, any Tips?

The best stocks are the ones no one talks about, or companies that produce boring products for high income.

Any tips for retirement planning?

Save as much as you can. Dont take too much risk. keep a portion for a Rainy day.

Explain the term Investment diversification?

The meaning of investment diversification is - Not putting all of your money in one asset/stock/sector , to make sure you dont get hit if only one specific niche is doing badly.

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