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iLA iliving app
United States - vancouver
iLA the inspired living application delivers high quality preffessionally produced, personal development video to your mobile device on a weekly basis, with iLA you will receive practical information from top proffessionals in their field on how you can thrive ,build, or succeed in your own business! check out the website today and see how you can profit from the exploding mobile app industry!

What is your business history?

iLA is an amazing app that pays and sells itself! it has officially been launched in febuary and is growing bigger everyday reaching from wa all the way to japan and further! everybody seems to be interested in the exploding mobile application why not you ?

Any advice for buyers?

the possibilities are endless! you choose the amount of effort and time which will determine your pay out, there are 3 enrollment options 1: free 2: 6.95 per month 3:9.95 per month each option having more benefits, its up to you!

Do you have any product guarantees

we absolutely do with your membership we gaurentee that you will own 10 to 15 percent of the company and be a proud owner of the I living app for your smartphone device, which delivers gaol setting, business managementand lots more !

What is your average net profit and turnover?

its all up to you, we have what we call a matrix you are at the top if you sign up 3 people thats 1.00 per month until they sign up 3 people and so on forming a matrix evry person that gets added to your matrix increases your payout, once you fill all 7 tiers of your matrix you will be bringing in $2,511 a month! amazing!

Should investors know anything else?

the sky is the limit! dont miss out on this opportunity iLA is incredible and people are really making money! if you have perserverance, drive, motivation and great communication skills this is for you! dont miss out please join my team today! you can check out the website at

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