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Why is Google the best
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So Why is Google the Best search engine? Are they just lucky or is there some method to their madness. Google who has 69.7 of the market share would seem like the best place to find clients, what I like about google is it does not discriminate, a massive multinational website can be just as popular as Joes blog and small business owners have every right to compete with their larger counterparts.

What Google does right!

Google searches and crawls the web very often, more often then you would think, actually. The more popular your site the more crawls you would receive, the more quality content on your site the more pats on the back you recieve from google. It is actually far better at figuring out the web than the other search engines out there. I have personally used them all and some dont even know your website exists until the eleventh hour, is that not all we want, to be seen, to be acknowledged for our websites. Google also has great tools from Analytics to adwords, not to mention adsense, google maps, google places. All these tools are free to the masses.

Can I boost my website with Google?

Yes, google will actually find a new site even if you dont submit it, but its far quicker to submit your website to them, search for the following on Google [submit url to google]. Secondly, the way you program a website is extremely important, are your pages lightweight? is your content rich? have you defined meta tags in each page? If you fail to take interest in your websites growth neither will google, your site will be stuck with a [0 / 10] page rank with no room for growth. Google rewards site that provide a service and that give people the content they were looking for, other sites simply fall by the wayside. Google also rewards time, so if your site is new be patient it will grow over time and your google ranks will grow as well.

Case in point

You own a clothing business, you have a website, and you cannot seem to figure out why your fancy website with flashy graphics is never getting any visits, you need to ask yourself the following questions.

- Is my site easy to use and easy to navigate?
- Is my content programmed entirely with flash?
- Did my programmer put meta tags in my pages?
- Did my programmer create dynamic pages?
- Did my programmer use IFrames?
- Does my content change often, and does it grow?

Its a long road to Google freedom, but the google empire is often working for us and not against us.

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