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Which came first, the chicken or the Web
United States - NY
Which came first, the chicken or the Web? How can your business grow when you have no website, on the other hand how can your website grow with no proper business. If you havent guessed already the [chicken] is your business and the [web] is your company domain. But what should come first?

Well im a big believer in having a good idea or product first and then promoting this online. However this is not a rule nor is this some kind of receipe for success, there are a large population of people out there who have no products and appear to be selling multi million dollar offers online.

If your products are still in their infancy then starting a website is a great idea. It may even get potential investors checking out your business plan, a website can be tailored to suite the various stages a small business may go through.

My Business Plan Online ?

Put your business plan online, publish your product developments, dont give away your trade secrets but get people browing your progress. The web is full of people looking for almost every topic and if your small business is lucky you may get some help.

Press Release on blogs.

Post press releases on popular blogs about various services you may be giving, all these kinds of articles get indexed by google, its like free advertising that you could be missing out on.

When in doubt, keep working !

dont give up and change your improve your product or idea over time. This may take years but if your ideas good enought youll get it working.


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