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What is E-Commerce? You may be wondering what all the fuss is about online shopping, well let me give you a brief overview. E-commerce is short for electronic commerce is a transaction that occurs over the internet or some other computer network. Anyone who has access to a computer, an internet connection and a means to pay for goods can participate in an E-commerce transaction.

E-Commerce Now and Then

In the past many most E-commerce shopping was done on a desktop computer, today there are many mobile devices like smartphones and PDAs that can also access the Web, this allows the average person to purchase any products from almost anywhere in the world. M-Commerce is often used to describe a mobile E-Commerce transaction.

The most popular things to do using E-Commerce. Today many people all across the world use E-Commerce to do banking, shopping and even investing. You could buy flowers for a loved one, purchase a movie ticket or even sell a stock online. The transactions are very secure and allow you to be fairly sure that your "online account" is safe.

How does it E-Commerce generally work?

Most but not all websites sell some sort of product or services, these products are displayed on a website with an option to buy, a virtual shopping cart is used when somebody wants to purchase multiple items, as soon as you see something you like you simply click "Add to Cart". You can then checkout and view what you ordered in your shopping cart. When you are happy you simply pay using PayPal or your credit card.

How popular is Online Shopping?

A study has shown that sales will grow at a steady rate of 19 percent per year. Online shopping could account for more than 25 percent of all retail sales across America.

Many people all over the world are trying to avoid the supermarket and instead enjoying browsing for goods online. The telegraph has recently reported that many Brits are using doorstep deliveries of groceries, UK shoppers spent an extra £1 billion on online groceries over 2009.

E-Commerce Future?

E-Commerce is here to stay, as older generations become acquainted with newer technologies the norms change, the models or patterns regarded as typical become less typical and people often follow suite.

Many business owners have been able to start up extremely popular websites using E-commerce to shift their products, this will not only become a natural path but the accepted way to do business.

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