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What are Stockbrokers
South Africa - Johannesburg
Stockbrokers are professional brokers who buys and sells shares and other securities through stock markets and other platforms for private individuals or companies. Some brokers offer a variety of services for their clients, others dont. It is important to find a stockbroker who suits your needs.

What are Stockbrokers?

Often it is good practice to use a broker that your friend or family member may suggest. Some brokers will not deal with individuals who do not have a large sum of money to invest with. You need to find this out from the person or business you are dealing with. Many stockbrokers deal specifically in certain stocks while others will spread their services across other investments like gilts, forex and warrants.

Brokerage Fees and commision?

To maximise your earning potential, commission should be between 1 to 2 percent per trade. High fees decrease the value and growth of your shares, the less you have to invest means you need to pay close attention to your brokerage and commission fees. Some brokerage houses have a minimum fee per transaction, try find that out before you start trading.

Start small !

Remember that investing is a learned skill but not an exact science, be patient and do not risk all your income on your first trades, invest small amounts and spread your money over various stocks. I would suggest not spending more than R.1,000 per stock and learing how to read the market as you go along.

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