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I am one of those people that tried to use unique passwords for all of my accounts but ultimately I would constantly forget the passwords and end up resetting them to something I had used before.

PassMaster changes everything. I now have a unique and random password for every account encrypted along with my usernames in my personal PassMaster Vault. One thing that I particularly like is that I never needed to create another account to get started. All it took is for me to remember one password. PassMaster took care of the rest.

Retrieving passwords from PassMaster is a breeze. I can either display them on screen, or copy one to the clipboard and then paste directly into my favourite website. The clipboard even automatically clears so I dont need to worry about them staying around too long.

Another great feature is that the PassMaster Vault is stored on my device. It makes me feel better knowing exactly where it is. There is also a backup which allows me to keep a copy of all my passwords in a safe place.

Ultimately it is the little things that count. Being able to change the lock screen background to my favourite photo was a nice touch.

PassMaster is going to be one of those UtileApps that remains with me for many years to come. It really is simple to use and does everything I could ask of it.

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What is computer security software?

Any software that enhances the level of protection offered to a user, their data or property. This could be anything from virus scanning software, encryption software or even software that manages security cameras. Encryption software is especially important as more of our information is stored digitally through a variety of companies and websites.

How safe is the average persons computer?

Unfortunately, the average person uses just a few easy to remember passwords for all of their accounts. Additionally, they give away a lot of their personal information through social sites and applications. This combined with the fact that most computers are connnected to the internet means that there are many ways to improve the safety of the average persons computer.

What types of threats do you get online?

Often the worst of the online threats are the ones you dont find out about until it is too late. A good example of this is where sufficient information is collected about you to steal your identity and then sign up for things like credit cards in your name that are subsequently expended, leaving you with the bill.

How do you protect against computer viruses?

There are many good companies that provide good quality virus protection software. Regardless of which one you choose, the most important thing is to always leave the software enabled, continually update the virus databases and routinely scan your computer or electronic device. This doesnt even have to cost you money with companies such as AVG offering virus protection for free.

What should I do if my computer gets attacked?

This is really going to depend on the type and severity of the attack. If all of your important, personal data is safely encrypted and backed up then life becomes a little easier as you be more willing to restore your computer or electronic device to factory settings and then restore your data.

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All you need to do is remember one password. The rest of your passwords will be encrypted for you and stored in your very own digital vault.
PassMaster has been designed from the ground up to ensure that it is easy to use and your passwords can be retrieved or stored in a matter of seconds while ensuring that your passwords, usernames and other information is encrypted in real-time.
Allowing PassMaster to generate randomised passwords is always encouraged to ensure that your passwords are harder to "guess". This also helps you ensure that every one of your accounts has a different password.
PassMaster keeps your vault locally on your electronic device so that you remain in control of where it is at all times. A backup option is of course provided so that you can keep a copy in a safe place should the unfortunate occur and something happens to your device.
PassMaster is here to help you.

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Seriously Utile Apps made fun and simple.

We are here to help. All suggestions for improvement are seriously considered for incorporation, and as always, these new features are provided as upgrades for free regardless of where you choose to purchase our products.
Thanks for your support!


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