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Umass Basketball trainer!
United States - Boston
Im a Umass graduate and currently working as a teacher and basketball trainer. Over the years, Ive train all types of players from middle school, high school, and college women and men. As a young player, Ive always wondered why some States have a higher skill level then other States. As I traveled the US playing in different States, Its extremely clear that certain cities produce better players then others. The conclusion I came to is some cities have better coaches and trainers. It ONLY MAKE SENSE, THE BETTER YOUR COACHES AND TRAINERS THE BETTER THE PLAYERS. We are who have trained us over the years. There are those that have advantages by either being born gifted with height or athleticism or those that worked really hard. However, gifted or not without the proper training puts one at a disadvantage of playing in the next level. Once I came to that realization, it made it easier to understand why my aau and college teams lacked the skill level of other cities. The same concept applies for education. If you take a look at the education system up here in comparison to the south, the north undoubtedly has better schools. The reason can only be teachers, institutions, and professors are better.

With that being said, my goal is teach fundamentals, THE LOVE FOR THE GAME, and the work effort that are practiced in other States. My plan is to do so one player at a time. With basketball season approaching soon, time is of the essence. Lets set up an appointment and get a head start on WHAT TO EXPECT DURING BASKETBALL SEASON and a quick touch up on your skills.

Also, please email me about team speeches on basketball dedication, fundamentals, and my idea on how to make this State a POWER STATE. Feel free to call with any questions as well.

Umass basketball trainer

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