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We discuss what types of advertising are available for your business and website, some of these techniques will help you and others may not be applicable to your specific business - regardless they should give you some good advertising tips. Before we begin we need to discuss the forms of advertising and what public avenues are available to your business.

Print advertising:

This is the type seen in newspapers and magazines, advertising using a popular paper would cost more than one with less readers - any type of glossy magazine would often be much more expensive then a local trade magazine with black and white print ads - Keep in mind that you pay per square centimeter so taking a large ad could waste your budget unnecessarily.

Advantages of Print Advertising

1. You could reach a large number of customers in a targeted geographic area.
2. You can start with a smaller advert that costs slightly less and assess the impact on customer calls / visits.
3. You have a large range of options like newspapers, Yellow pages, brochures, trade magazines, and quality glossy magazines.
4. You can choose the publication that best suits your audience - like a fashion based publication for your jewelry business.
5. The Yellow pages is affordable and well known worldwide.

Disadvantages of Print Advertising

1. They are usually more expensive than other forms of advertising.
2. Your advert could become lost in a sea of black and white ads of similar font and size.
3. Newspapers are loosing readers to online advertising.
4. The spacing costs are high in most magazine publications.
5. Magazine advertising is very competitive putting your business up against large brand name ads.
6. In the Yellow pages you are placed next to all your competitors.

Billboard Advertising

This is also knows as out of home or outdoor advertising, we typically see these ads on billboards, kiosks, rubbish bins, or stuck on our car window. We often banners and posters at sporting events, on the freeway, or even on the side of every rubbish bin. It is very hard to escape this type of promotion and you could be using it to benefit your business.

Advantages of Billboard advertising

1. These ads are very economical depending on your choices.
2. They could be linked to a certain trade show or event with the relevant visitors who would be interested in your products.
3. There is a large potential audience if you consult your local authorities to use areas near bus stops or busy roads.
4. Outdoor banners have a large cost but a high impact rate.

Disadvantages of Billboard advertising

1. They have a reputation of being more irritating then other forms of advertising, since they are very in your face.
2. Billboard ads are very expensive.
3. Your customers will only see your text or image briefly
so they have to be short and sharp messages.
4. You often need a contract with the agencies since changing a billboard or sponsor of an event is time consuming.

Broadcast advertising

The next technique is called broadcast advertising, there are too types worth considering, radio and television. These are also well known to most companies since people spend a lot of time in their cars listening to radio or at home watching television. The cost of advertising often depends on when you choose to broadcast, is it prime time or peak time and what programs you choose to be advertised with.

Advantages of broadcast advertising

1. Television allows you to reach a large number of viewers in a short period of time.
2. Television is the best visual medium and allows you to build a brand name and look to your audience.
3. Radio offers good value for money, and can reach a wide ranging audience.
4. Ads could be targeted at the appropriate times, a Friday may be a good time to advertise your local restaurant.
5. Radio stations often have teams that will create your advert campaign.

Disadvantages of broadcast advertising

1. Television ads are highly competitive and it can become to hard to stand out.
2. Many users change the channel or make a cup of tea when they see any advertising.
3. Preferred slots are expensive and often sold out to large companies first.
4. Radio advertising is known to have diverse listeners meaning you have to use multiple stations to reach your target market.
5. Poor quality television or radio ads can irritate your audience and create a negative feeling towards your business or products.

Online Advertising

This is a medium that has been around for about 12 years, but have grown in popularity amongst business owners. The benefits are many and global sales are almost higher than broadcast advertising. A good tip from me is that it does not have to cost anything to advertise your products online, there are places to get online advertising for free.

Advantages of online advertising

1. This is a fastest form, and your advert can be placed in minutes.
2. Your audience is not limited to local or national boundaries, your products could be seen worldwide.
3. Ads are much cheaper than any other form of advertising, some are even free.
4. It is possible to reach your target market easily.

Disadvantages of online advertising

1. Without guidance it may have little impact on your business.
2. It can be hard to sort out a good advertising opportunity from a bad one.
3. You could pay for clicks to your website that never amount to any real customers.

Tell us about any good advertising strategies used?

Although this is actually another form of print advertising, I have made it into a separate type. This consists of leaflets, brochures , or catalogs, that are mailed directly to your potential customers. One of the larger distributors are the United States postal service that allow you to setup your campaign via the internet.

Advantages of Direct Mail

1. There are a wide variety of inexpensive and easy formats to choose from.
2. It is possible to target your advert to specific demographics like age and income levels.
3. There are various forms to choose from including postcards, letters, booklets, flyers, or your own custom types.
4. Research shows that 95 percent of respondents read their mail on the same day it arrives.

Disadvantages of Direct Mail

1. To be effective you often need up-to-date mailing list, these often require a broker who sells you names at about 50 dollars per 1000 names.
2. Often seen as junk mail by many customers.
3. The actual success rate that you gain a new customer is less than 2 percent.
4. Flyers are often harmful towards the environment since they are discarded by most respondents.

Other free advertising ideas

If you have a website of business, you are welcome to post it online for free using this site. It will cost you nothing and should be the first step towards promoting your business online.

Good luck.

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