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Training Development for young individuals
South Africa - Gauteng
Train, develop and menntor young individuals with PRACTICAL skills to get into the workplace:
Interviewing Skills & know how to market yourself
Business English Skills and how to address emails
Computer Skills
Companies Preferences & Top companies to work for

What skills are in demand worldwide?

Graduates are in great demand world wide but what makes young individuals differ is their practical skills so that they can become an asset to any organisation using there theoretical and practical knowlegde.

Any advice for somebody wanting to study?

The advice I can give the youth is that they need to know and understand what are their short and long term goals so that they are able to study in the correct field. Young individuals have different dreams, ambitions and goals in life but to a certain extent one tens to become lazy or demotivated when certain negative forces play up against them, therefore by getting pushed into the right direction, they may be able to become who they want to be.

Do you need a degree in your field?

Yes, you do need a degree in any field if you want to become a specialist in a certain career. People with degrees are trusted more in society then a person with no qualification. A degree can differentiate or class people in society or in a specifc industry.

Is this recognized worldwide or locally, if so with who?

It is not recognised as yet but I would want to grow and establish my company to become a recognised entity for youth development.

What options are available to students?

Students may ask: Why should I attend training on career guidance that I have to pay for, when the University offers this to me for free? My answer is that I agree 100% BUT you are gaining theoretical knowledge on career guidance and companies, I am offering you theoretical as well as PRACTICAL knowledge = reasoning behind the framework.

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