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The Black Corset Women Fashion Online Store
South Africa - Kempton Park
Visit The Black Corset for all your fashion needs, as well as for finding the most unique and individual styles to complement your originality!

We are about more than just personal fashion items, we aim to cater for all the needs and wants of the modern woman.

Our product range is moving towards all modern womens other passions - such as home décor and style. We intend to bring not just fashion for self but also for your home!

We are about to bring a whole big range of designer fragrances that will completely portray how we worship the feminine spirit!

We are for women, by women - and always for fashion!

What fashion blogs can you suggest?

Fashion Blogs

As well as

What are the newest trends seen with women?

We see a lot of bulky jewellery, especially necklaces and rings - with crosses, owls and bats taking a huge spotlight

What are the newest trends seen with men?

Because our business is exclusively about women, we remain oblivious to the trends of men

Has your work been seen in any local articles or news?

No, but it is highly advertised on Facebook, our website, our blogs and many other websites on the Internet

What makeover tips do you have for us?

For Black ladies: Curls are back and extremely processed hair (relaxed) is out. We are embracing the natural afro, kinks and all!

All the ladies: Embrace your femininity, your originality and showcase these qualities in everything you wear! Be bold, be confident and be real! Not everyone will understand or appreciate your personal style but your attitude can change thoughts!

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My Products / Services
High Fashion Handbags
Featured: Green check tote with chain, braid and charm detail at a very reasonable price.

High fashion bags, accentuating individual style and a feminine flair that oozes confidence and grace!

Material: Leather
Colour: Green
Finish: Check studded look
Extras: Charm, chain and braid detail

This bag is the perfect all-rounder, from day-use to night time use. It is versatile and beautiful.

Product Features
Business Owner's Profile
The Black Corset
The Black Corset is an exclusive online store for women. We import the most original and beautiful high fashion items to bring to our South African clients. Our product ranges beyond just personal beauty or fashion but goes onto feminine hobbies, such as home décor, style and home making trends.

We are true believers in the feminine spirit!

The Black Corset is based online, as we run an ecommerce / online shop with the quality of our products being of the utmost importance and our clients being on top of the list.

We will always endeavour to please our clients and well go the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction in both products and services.

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