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In the usa the Advertising industry is worth $175 billion a year, there are so many types of advertising and to get your company noticed costs money. However the trend of paying for some advert in your local newspaper seems to slowing. Many more people are now using free online advertising.

There are two main forms of advertising. The First is Physical Advertising [print advertising] and the second is Digital advertising [Online Advertising]. Digital and physical advertising are worth roughly the same amount of money globally and it seems online advertising will take the lead in years to come.

Physical Advertising

This is advertising in the classic sense, it includes newspapers and magazines that includes classifieds placed by private individuals to large ads placed by corporate companies looking to get their message across. There are other forms of physical advertising like flyers, leaflets and bullitins however these are usually on a smaller scale.

Digital Advertising.

This is the kind of advertising that is growing larger everyday, it appears in almost every digital medium we find today. We find it all over social networks like facebook, youtube and twitter and various websites [like this one] allow you to places your ads for free regarding your business services.

Since the explosion of the World wide web, the world is changing from reading articles on a printed medium, to loading that very same article online without leaving your home.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the world of advertising is changing, many business people feel the need to expand their business online that get in touch with audiences they may never of reached before with traditional advertising.

The Future?

So what does the future hold? Well i think the way we do business will change, it may even become more mobile. People will place ads on the move, check emails while jogging and reply to interested buyers while picking the kids up from work. Mobile Advertising is likely to see high periods of growth as the older forms of advertising see a steady decline.

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