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What is the The Advertising Age? How is the world changing and are tv commericials loosing revenue to other forms of advertising? There are the questions I hope to answer for you. A recent study has found that paid TV ads could be down as by as much as 4% per year in the US. So are companies are feeling the economic punch or have they just moved the business advertising budget elsewhere.

The Current Advertising Age

Not only has tv advertising fallen, but the cost of ad placement has fallen dramatically, almost by 15 percent year on year. So what happened? Does nobody watch TV anymore or have americans moved online?

Free advertising

One reason is that small and medium sized business owners can often reach many consumers with many forms of free online advertising

Shift in consumer habits

Portable Devices, online media, social networking and many other sources of entertainment have shifted the habits of consumers. Websites are now a proven way to get in touch with markets, forge deals and browse new products online. Consumers never have to wait, information is available at any time to just about anyone in the world!

Adsense / Adwords Advertising

Online advertising is pretty much dominated by Google Adwords and Adsense. This allows business people from all over to advertise to the entire online community, this may sound minor to the untrained eye, but business online is extremely lucrative with billions of consumers available to business people every day.

Future Advertising Trends

I could never predict the demise of the Internet, this would be like predicting the death of TV advertising, which is not possible for a very long time. However, the sift from TV to internet advertising has taken place and many more business owners will have to surrender and fall in line with the online advertising trends of today, since without our consumers we are nothing!

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