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Systems Integration - jasscouk
United Kingdom - London
We supply Digital Audio Workstations and other environments for the industry. We also specialise in on site maintenance for both the Audio and video world. We also specialise in HD and 3D displays and installs. We can also supply the broadcast industry with all IT and video systems

What is best practice for digital systems design?

JASS are always looking for new and exciting products for the end user to try and test. We are always after a challenge. Always looking for a crazy idea then changing into something possible for the user.

What digital systems resources can you recommend

JASS can recommend HD and Digtal transmission systems form a number of top manufactures, JASS will also recommend moving into a new age of IPTV and wireless technologies and to move companies digital .

What are the basics of digital systems?

JASS thinks a digital system relies on Digital signal processing using different technologies. This could be Fibre Cat 6 or even SDI coax. As long as it is being sent in binary as a transmission method.

What tech news are you excited about?

JASS is very excited about 4k Displays and 4K transmission, we are working very closely with BARCO Digital cinema projection and Sony to find away of delivering this new content to users at home.

Give us a broad overview of the term digital technology?

Jass thinks Digital Technology stand s for anything that uses a DSP to allow the system work effectively, JASS can put this to practise with some of there new IPTV products which use this to stream HD.

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