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Symeology Training Coaching Consulting
South Africa - Linden, Randburg
Symeology Training Coaching Consulting has a very simple motivation, to make today the perfect day.
This task is a lot more simple than you may anticipate, and a great deal more exciting than you would think. The human condition is one of many roles, ever-changing priorities, strong emotive responses to what we perceive as reality at the time, and our choices impact the road ahead: We shape our future with every thought, every decision, and every action.

It doesnt really matter if you are the CEO of a large international conglomerate, or if you battle to find a job to make ends meet. It doesnt matter if youre stuck right now in an abusive relationship, or if you battle with demons from the past. The essence of your existence isnt defined by the title on your desk or the road youve traveled: it is defined by the choices you make, and the influences you allow to shape those choices Right Now. Your present life is defined by the reality you created with your thoughts and actions in the past, and as easy as it was to create, as easy is it to change.

Symeology is about choosing those influences, and managing the effect of your choices on the roles you play every day. Its about taking responsibility, and creating the future in which you want to live. Once you are willing to tangle with these truths, your real victory lap starts, and you can choose a life that honours you.

Symeology is also about challenging the things you used to believe, about manually broadening your own mind, and allowing the truth to settle in your chest : That you were brought into being as an answer to a question, as a solution to a problem, as the drum-beat, keeping other beats and melodies in their natural place. It is your responsibility and your privilege to be all the you that you can be, without apology, and with all the conviction in your soul.

In that lies your true strength Symeology would like to be your tour guide on that journey.

What are your skills and expertise?

I am a Life and Business Coach, and Business Consultant. On the Life side, I mostly work with women, and undo the damage of years of suppressing our voice. As a Business Coach & Consultant, I focus on the Small Business, and give the owner the tools to maximize their profit and minimize their risk.

Did you study, or have you become self-tought?

I studied to become a Life coach and business coach, and I have studied to be a business consultant and internationally recognized trainer. I added to my expertise by living life to the full, and by starting and successfully running my own businesses for more than a decade.

Do you have any advice for people regarding Consultants?

A good consultant should be willing to see you at a reduced rate for a first interview to establish rapport, and see if they can offer what you need. You should feel that you can talk to this person about anything, and your gut instinct should tell you that they are authentic. I always ask the consultant something outside their sphere of expertise to see that they are able to say I dont know.

Extra information about your business?

Symeologys services are not only expertise, in terms of consultation and advice, or coaching interventions. We provide the basic services you need to use our advice. For instance we assist people to bring their internet empire into existence, by not only training them on what they need to do, but specifically by creating the infrastructure and teaching them how to do their own updates, blogs, vlogs and social networking interaction. We are in the process of establishing a network for Symeology clients and partners, to help everyone grow their business.

How do people contact you?

Contact Symi on 083 459 6859, or Ava on 084 512 5887, or our office on 011 0234 950.
You can have a look at, where you can book a session, or buy an e-book, or subscribe to a video series.
(This is launching during October 2012)

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