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Steve Overstreet Clearing Excavating Inc.
United States - Tampa Bay Areas
At Steve Overstreet Clearing & Exc. we specialize in delivery of Compactable Fill Dirt for foundations or to bring your property up to grade ,Screened Topsoil for lawns and gardens. Asphalt Millings Crushed Concrete and Lime Rock road base for driveways and parking lots. Also offering Box blade or Bobcat services loader and dozer work.

What Construction Materials do you offer?

Clean Compactable Fill Dirt for foundations or to bring property up to grade.Quality screened Topsoil for lawns and gardens. Limerock Road Base.Crushed Concrete Road Base.Asphalt Millings for driveways and parking lots.Yellow Septic Sand for drain fields.

How do you actually work with your materials?

Offering Delivery of Clean Compactable Fill Dirt 18 yard loads.Offering Delivery of Screened Topsoil 18 yard loads.Offering delivery of Limerock Road Base 21 tons per 18 yard load.Offering Delivery of Crushed Concrete Road Base 21 tons per 18 yard load.Bobcat and boxblade spreading available for all.

What tools and techniques do you use everyday?

Services and techniques that require everyday use are Bobcat spreading box blade grading and laser leveling to check grade frontend loader for clearing land and dozer service for leveling and grading.We offer delivery for all materials listed with an 18 yard Tri Axle Dump Truck.

What should you look for when buying construction materials?

When buying construction materials for your project you should make sure that the fill dirt is clean of all glass rocks and unseen contaminates and that it has been properly tested for compaction. septic Sand should be also clean of sticks roots and other unseen contaminates.

What trends do you see lately in the industry?

The trends that I see in my Industry lately are making sure you provide quality materials that have been tested and approved for the services that you are proving as a contractor.Other trends are making sure you have a signed contract and hold up your end of agreements.

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My Products / Services
Fill Dirt / Topsoil / Sand Delivery Grading
At Steve Overstreet Clearing & Exc. we offer delivery and grading of clean compaction tested fill dirt that has no glass rocks junk or unseen contaminates great for foundations or to bring your yard up to grade.Quality screened Topsoil for lawns and gardens.Septic sand with no sticks or roots required for septic system mounds.Crushed Concrete road base . Lime rock road base . asphalt millings for driveways .

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Steve Overstreet
Steve Overstreet is a third generation born Floridian he graduated from Hernando High School in 1984 is married and has two sons Justin and Sean and one daughter Jessica.Steve has owned and operated his business since 2005 . Customer satisfaction and loyalty are his main goals as a business owner.

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