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When we started schooling as toddlers, Math was among the first set of subjects we began to learn. But for some has proven more challenging at the high school level. Yet Math is the foundation for 90% of all professions. A good foundation in Math is essential in even grasping the spheres of our lives as it is derived from the greek word (Mathema),which means the ability to think.

What mathematics careers do you get?

The list is innumerous: Accounting, Medical Profession (Doctor, Nurse, Phlebotomist, Pharmacist), Economist, Engineering (Chemical, Structural, Electrical), Finance Management, Teaching, Statistician, Researcher, Project Management, Consultant Management

How can you become good at Math?

We practice without thinking, our own language. The best approach to being good at Math is to view it as an essential language apart of our lives that we must practice. With persistence it gets very easy, like our own language.

What types of maths do you get?

To list, we have: Arithmetics, Algebra (simple and abstract), Mensuration, Statistics, Calculus, Trigonometry, Computational/Finance Math

What skills are tought?

Numeracy, computational ability, reasoning ability, logic, logical persuasion and conclusion, sequencing, presentation of facts, precision in measurements, precision in answers, persistence, hard work, to see beyond the obvious.

What type of student will benefit from this?

Every student benefits from Math. Because of the nature of the subject, it is geared to test ones mental ability: When a Math problem is presented, already a solution is in place. So students are helped to tackle problems in life.

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Mathematics, A Simple View
Mathematics, A Simple View takes a simplified approach to helping students in the area of Algebra (Simple Equations, Algebraic Expressions, Sets, Functions, Quadratic Expression and Equations, In-equations and other inequalities) with other topics such as Trigonometry, Matrices, Circle Theorem and Statistics.

How do we do so? In most instances, we begin each chapter with a scenario that happens around us (which we would not link with Math) and ascend into a mathematical discussion on a selected topic. As we ascend into a topic, we verbally talk by describing the processes of the steps we take. Then afterwards, we provide you with quite a bit of sample problems and the processes of their solutions. In that way, a student is relaxed and charged to answer upcoming exercises.

Another thing is that the book sets small gradual stages of problems and their answers per math topic. In this regard, a student is not overwhelmed with too much information.

Additionally, the book has an appendix and footnotes for additional information and for referencing other topics within the book to enhance a comprehensive understanding of Math

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