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Socially Responsible Capitalism
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So what is Socially Responsible Capitalism? This blog takes a look at this concept and discusses its deserving place in the world economy. If you look up socially in the Dictionary you would find the defintion: "By or with respect to society", that may seem insignificant but the role of business in evert day civil society should be far more self-conscious than it is at the moment.

A world in denial.

As the world goes into economic turmoil, many people will have seen the news not just in their own countries, but all across the world. If you havent seen the strike action in various parts of the world, you may need to step back and observe.

Capatalism, a deserving cure

Capatalism dictates that any individual can own or operate a business and take private ownership of capital, profits and losses.

It allows people to make profit as long as they do this within the laws of the land. Capalism is actually a good system, however without a fundamental change in the ways we divide the profits, there will be far more problems across the world then we are now witnessing.

The world is socially ill.

If big business keeps turning a blind eye to the communities who live in the area and the poor who cannot afford to live there will always be a deep-set problem facing theses companies. The days of fat cats taking all big profit need to change, companies need to give far more back to the poor and develop the areas they do business in.

Government Assistance

Government Assistance would help all companies comply with some sort of social spending, every community should decide how the money could be spent to help those in need.

Without this kind of drastic action, the world will be a much harder place to do business in. Business people all across the world need to wake up and make a difference, the people they help are the same people who are spending their hard earned to buy their products.

Capitalism is the only way to fix the economy, but if the rich get richer and the poor are left in the gutters, we will never move away from strikes, mass demonstrations and social problems.

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