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South Africa - Gauteng
We offer solar solutions for homes, businesses and communities. We also offer energy saving products with will help you to reduce your electricity bill. Led lighting is also provided. Contact us if you require more information or visit our website on

We also create jobs by seeking, qualifying and training those individuals who might be interested in selling our products

What tools are used in the lighting trade?

Led or solar lights

Did you study any courses, what were they?

No, I use various suppliers who have accreditation in this industry

Any trade secrets people need to know about?

I source my products all over from various suppliers however my long term strategy is to manufacture some of the products in sa

What trends have you seen lately?

Reduction on electricity bill for my customers and reliable products that I offer

Any advice about environmentally friendly lights?

Using the sun as energy source is save and free

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My Products / Services
Solar Ikhaya lighting
Can be used as a backup when you do not have electricity, or can be used by those individuals who do not have electricity at all. Also can used foe those individuals who enjoys camping or outdoor pleasure. Can be used internal as well as external. Must be charged up until full so it can last for about 5 hours. The buttery is built inside and can be replaced if damaged Can be used by rural or urban individuals

One year warranty is given on this products, terms and condition applies

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I would like to buy an electric meter for outside rooms,do you also sell this type of product?from Ezekiel. "Free Advertising Online"