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South Africa - Benoni
TL Mills Books is a self-publishing bookstore with fiction / non-fiction and articles written by Tracey Mills and Elizabeth Melville Mills. Although we write individually each having our own area of interest and expertise, we do collaborate on material and have just published a Childrens series on Dunk the Dancing and Singing Donkey. Tracey is an English Educator and also writes study guides on matric set works. Othello has just been published on the TL Mills Books website.

Have you ever had Writers Block?

No, I very rarely have writers block. I have so many ideas that I am constantly working on different material at the same time. I love writing and exploring new ideas. As an educator, I write valuable notes all the time for my students to study from

What topics are of interest to you?

Variety. I enjoy writing educational material. I enjoy fiction. My mother, Elizabeth, is interested in the Regency era - we have a wide area of knowledge and expertise. I also write articles on my day to day encounters in the classroom - entertaining

What inspires you as a writer?

The fact that I believe people should read. We live in the techno era so books are becoming redundant. I believe books takes you into another world. Writing takes me into other worlds and I love researching and communicating about new characters/ideas.

Has this book been in any news articles?

No, I havent advertised this site in news articles. It is still very new and I am still writing copiously. I have put on my older work - the twisted tales written with tongue in cheek, Dunk the dancing and singing donkey in KZN was written a while ago...

What has been your most popular book to date?

The Reluctant Ward and Dunk the Dancing and Singing Donkey. The Reluctant Ward is charming - typical Regency Romance with two charming heroines. Caters to all age group. Set in the time when Bonaparte escaped from Elba. Dunk is LOVELY - fun / exciting

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I am an English Educator. I write copiously as does my talented mother. Am passionate about animals and the environment. Love teaching - inspired by great writers. Have a wide general knowledge and sense of humour. Majored in English @ Drama at Univ.

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