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Scrap Metal bought CASH Gauteng and Durban
South Africa - Gauteng and JHB West Rand
All grades of SCRAP METAL / SKROOT collected from your factory, warehouse, farm, plot, production house, demolition yard, salvage yard etc..
Scrap metal, steel, stainless steel 304 316, vlekvrye staal, iron, cast iron, copper cable (ONLY legal sources NEVER are stolen goods bought, aluminium, chrome, brass, bronze, rads, rusted steel machines, motors, engines, transformers, generators, i beams, t bar, rebar, farm implements, tractors, trucks, trailers, earthmoving scrap machines, rusty equipment and more..

WE ALSO DEMOLISH, CUT and take away if you require this !! GAUTENG and DURBAN areas covered - No JOB TOO BIG.
Contact : Ronnie all hours on: 084 393 8629

Do you know any industries that are growing?

Yes, the re-processing of salvaged products such as steel in order to save the planet hopefully. The recycling industry needs more clients supporting it and themselves making money - in so doing so both win !

Do you have solid advice about your industry for people?

Small businesses should employ their thoughts into how best to conserve energy and raw /waste materials for benefication. There is profit in this sector too for them. Establish what products you use that can be recycled and assess their values for on-sale.

What should buyers know about the industry?

Buyers are often blatantly ignoring the laws governing the purchasing of scrap recycling material be it steel or any product. They are in fact promoting illegal scavenging / theft and this is endangering the economy and our people.

What in your opinion are industries of the future?

Recycling and renewable energy are no doubt foremost in my mind when it comes to industries of the future. Good business models can be established in this sector for all to benefit from eventually / hopefully.

Who is your target market?

We target the general industrial market at first point, recovering their waste steel materials at a pre-agreed price payable to them. Also farmers, smaller steel traders, scrapyards, private individuals, salvage contractors, and insurance assessors in Gauteng and Durban.

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