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Rhythm Beat
South Africa - BRAKPAN
Dance, choreography and entertainment. Latin american dance training for competitions, examinations and hobbyists.
Professional latin american dancers and choreographers for corporate and private events. Learn to dance from the top professional in south africa, live the dream, dare to be great and achieve your goals.

What diet do proffesionals need?

A good balance of proteins and carbohydrates. Slow releasing carbohydrates to maintain energy levels and high protein levels to fuel your muscles. Supplements may be taken for extra vitamins and minerals

What dancer workouts do you do and suggest?

Skipping, high intensity cardiovascular workouts to keep your heart strong enough to keep practice times long and efficient. Strength training at a max while incorporating muscle training on a toning and strengthening level. Core workouts, pilates and such are essential.

Are there many dancer jobs in the world?

Yes, as many as there are stars in the sky. For each style you have choreography jobs for top end shows for corporate events and s. You have dancer jobs where you can dance in many shows and events for entertainment. As well as different dance teaching jobs.

How do you get your dance costumes?

Dance attire as professional dancer can be quite expensive so if you have the time, learn to sew! For your higher level dancers, after the beginner levels, you will be travelling alot and competing overseas so the best is to learn to do it yourself.

Did you attend any dance academy?

Yes of course! A professional dancer will be learning new things for the rest of their lives, what with new trends and techniques so it is vital as a dancer to constantly attend lessons with top trainers in the world. Go to great lengths to get as much information as possible.

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