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Recycling Platform
Netherlands - Amsterdam
Recycling Platform offers all the information you need on Recycling Processes. If you want to find out how your waste is recycled, then look on Recycling Platform. You can read the latest news on recycling, find recycling stores, play educational games and learn more about recycling.

What environmental issues are most important today?

The most important environmental issues are climate change and natural resources being used up to quickly. The world should strive to a cyclic economy where we do not add extra carbon dioxide and always recycle the natural resources.

What environmental groups can a person join?

There are several environmental groups people can join. If you have a warm heart for nature you can join Greenpeace, WWF, Seesheppards, etc. If you are more interested in recycling you should look at the site: Zero Waste Amerca .com.

What environmental books would you recommend?

Cradle to Cradle by Browngart and Mc Donough
Water Recycling & Water Management by Daniel Mc. Carrey
Recycling Indian Clothing by Lucy Norris
Recycling Intermediate English With Removable Key by Clare West
Creative Recycling In Embroidery by Val Holmes

Can you talk about Enviromental Sustainability?

Environmental sustainability can only be achieved when you make sure the economy will be completely closed cycle. As Browngart and Mc Donough described in Cradle to Cradle it is possible to design for recycling in such a way no materials are wasted.

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