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Real Estate RI
United States - Rhode Island
Real Estate in Rhode Island:
Find properties, houses, vacant land, estates, and more on Real Estate RI. Browse through the listed properties to see descriptions of the properties, photos, pricing, and more, and then contact us to buy. This is one of the largest real estate portals for Rhode Island, so visit our website today to get started finding properties to buy!

How is the current property market in your opionion?

Very poor and lousy. Unfortunately, America has removed itself long ago off of the gold standard, and ever since then, the economy has been doing very badly. If America would go back to gold, it would have a better market.

What adivce do you have to first time buyers?

Buy properties only from Real Estate RI for the best deals possible. Dont listen to sales pitches from agents who are only interested in making a buck. Talk to the experts at the Real Estate RI real estate information portal to find good properties to buy.

Do you have any good adivce about the industry?

It needs to get rid of lazy workers and labor unions, and that is the truth that hurts. Unfortunately, if workers do not work hard and get paid lots of money, that is the goal of the communists, and is going to annihilate our economy if gone unchecked.

What are some benefits to owning a property?

Owning a property is far better than renting or leasing, since you pay around the same payments, maybe more or less, per month if you finance a property. When you finally own it outright, you can sell it for more money, which means that owning properties actually makes you money.

Can you describe the steps to buying a house?

First, you go to the Real Estate RI real estate information portal and select a house to buy. Then, contact us to discuss how to buy it. Those two very easy steps are the first steps necessary to your dream home, or to a very wealthy lifestyle, as you can always sell your home to make money, and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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