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Prosperity Lost And Found
United States - Asheville
Prosperity Lost And Found is a personal financial education service designed to teach its clients how to manage their money and to make its clients financially self-sufficient once and for all. To date, there are 3 seminars taught to individuals or groups of 6 or less: Prosperity Lost And Found, Money Times Three, and More Money Than Bills. Here is a brief description of the seminar with the least number of steps to
it Prosperity Lost And Found:
Situation: Somehow, you lost the prosperity that you used to have and now you want it back.
Action: By relentlessly pursuing the Ideal 70% Standard of Living few people even know about, it can be done.
Result: By following the three powerful steps in Prosperity Lost and Found that I will teach you, you can go from prosperity lost to prosperity found successfully.
Cost: One hundred fifty US Dollars.

What financial management software is most popular?

Quick Books

Can you talk about financial management theory and practice?


What should people do when it comes to financial management

Develop a Relentless Pursit of the Ideal 70% Standard Of Living few people even know about

How should the average person structure their portfolio?

Focus on mutual funds whenever possible

What costs and fees are involved?

An average individual investor can expect to pay a Management fee of 5% or less of the entire amount invested in the portfolio

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My Favorite 3 Steps
Since 1990, I have been refining my unique approach to personal financial management. You see, everything I do and teach is based on a Relentless Pursuit of the Ideal 70% Standard Of Living few people even know about. My favorite 3 steps designed to produce the Ideal 70% Standard Of Living, I call HIS,Yours Theirs. And, they are available for only $11.95. Make Checks payable to: Prosperity Lost And Found, P.O. Box 1324, Fletcher, NC 28732

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Eric Dillingham
In 1990 I lived in Decatur, Georgia but worked in Atlanta, Georgia. With my first unpublished book to guide me, I became a self-taught Debt and Credit Counselor for a financial services company. For my services, the company charged $100 for my time. Compared to today, I wasnt even any good. You see, I am now a self-taught Debt And Prosperity Counselor and that really takes a different kind of mindset.

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