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Pizza vending machine in America
United States - New York
Pizza Vending Machines in America have been a new development coming for some time now, these machines make freshly baked pizza in a little over 3 minutes.

Who invented the pizza vending machine?

A man named Puzant Khatchadourian is the inventor of this Ingenious idea (Well from my weird take on the world). Some may laugh at strange concept, others may also laugh but I think people are missing the point here, the world is so serious and why should everything we do always be to some standard? Yes, you could probably get a better tasting pizza at a more professional italian joint, but every invention has its critics right and it wont make it a bad idea.

How does the pizza vending machine work?

Puzant states that the Machine has enough ingredients to make 50 pizzas and that the eight-inch pizzas come with a disposable pizza cutter, now were saving the planet too, so everyone wins.

Basically how it works is the dough is pressed and the topics you select are sprinkled on, this is then placed in a real oven that cooks it for a minute of two, then pops out your thin based masterpiece. When I saw a demo video of how the machine worked I was pleasantly surprised, they process looked cleaner than I expected. The machine has also been designed with health in mind, it used fresh ingredients, nothing is pre-cooked and thankfully no microwaves are used.

Another feature I liked about the vending machine, was the 37 inch flat screen display, it indicates how long till your pizza is ready so im thinking multiple pizzas can be cooked at once. The digital display can also be used for advertising, im sure a few companies will be interested in this for their company s.

The Big Apple becomes the Big Pizza

The pizza vending machine will hit the street of New York soon! Who knows, maybe on one of our drunken adventures in New York, you may happen to find yourself ordering a Pepperoni Deluxe with extra garlic, and in your time of need, it may just feel like the greatest idea since sliced bread.

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the pizza vending machine
Hi my name is Kandy Guzman and I had a question about the vending machine. Why arent they in California? I believe they would be more popular than red box, pizza and movie night? I think so. So my suggestion is to make it a franchise and if so where can i get one to spread the word and multiply your commission. "Free Advertising Online"