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Suppliers of Polycarbonate Sheeting Materials used in the building industry or the D.I.Y person. Used to cover a braai area, patio, balcony or to allow light into an existing roof area (daylight harvesting) Roof, Solid, Multwall. Various colours are available ie: Clear, Opal, Bronze, Grey Tint. UV protected

What Construction Materials do you offer?

Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting, IBR Corrugated, Big 6
10mm Multiwall with relevant accessories
2,3 & 4mm solid sheets
All Polycarbonate materials are available in Clear, Opal, Bronze and Grey Tint as standard colours

How do you actually work with your materials?

Roof Sheeting gets cleaned then wrapped in plastic for protection. Solid Sheets and Multiwall have a plastic film covering to protect it from scratches. If couriered, extra covering will be applied. Sheets get stored on shelves lying flat.

What tools and techniques do you use everyday?

The only tool required for Polycarbonate Material is a saw to cut the material to size.
Callibrated measuring tape for exact measurements
Methalated spirits is sparingly used for removing any marks on the sheets caused by handling.

What should you look for when buying construction materials?

Look out for scratches or flaws in the material.
Make sure the material is the required thickness for the application. Industrial buildings require 1.2mm whereas carports, patios or braai areas require 1.0mm sheeting.

What trends do you see lately in the industry?

Due to the high cost of electricity, more people are replacing existing sheets of zinc above windows facing outside to allow more light into a building. Industrial buildings are removing existing zinc/asbestos sheets and replacing with Polycarbonate sheeting to benefit from daylight harvesting

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