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Original Fine Art, dogs, still life,trains
United Kingdom - South West UK
Richard Harvey Allsop is a professional artist in the UK, selling his own original oils and watercolors, check out his site below. Something that little bit different.

What type of artist are you?

I am a professional artist, and use both water color and oils as mediums. I love to especially paint dogs, flowers and everything to do with France. I spend my spare time when I am not painting reading about other artists, especially the French Impressionists

What forms of art do you specialize in?

I paint in many styles. In my oils I like to use traditional glazing techniques for some of my still lifes, but also paint some wet-in-wet. I also love to paint watercolors as they offer great opportunities for showing both tone and light in my paintings.

Is art a passion or a Job?

Art is definitely a passion as it is central to what I do. I live in the countryside and see everything around me as a potential picture and have trouble not seeing everything as paint colour shades and hues. I find that having nature around me helps with my art.

Can you tell us about your favourite famous artist

My favorite artist is a hard question, but I would have to choose Van Gogh for his sheer execution of the subject and choice of colors and hues. I spend time looking at his paintings just trying to question what makes his paintings so individual to him and find this a fascinating subject.

Can you explain the term artist vs poet?

I would not wish to differentiate between the two arts as they both have the same end product, i.e they use the individuals talent and skills to produce something which is artistic to both genres. They both use different processes but a product of some sort, whether it is bad or good is produced by both.

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Richard Harvey Allso
Art is my life, catching the beauty of nature in paint. I hope that you visit my site to see the array of individual pieces that I have on offer. I live in the country and try to harness the beauty of nature through art, as I see every scene and object as colour to be mastered.

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