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What is genuine Online Advertising, are spammers hurting the traditional forms of advertising on the internet?

The traditional approach to advertising

Every time a new social website is born, there are those that try and exploit its ality. Webmasters all across the world try (sometimes in vain) to spam its pages, advertise their services and get referals to their websites.

This type of marketing has actually damaged the already fragile face of the internet. If we only used the internet to gain popularity, where do we actually get the relevant content from. If a legitimate link was posted by a person of good character we would probably click the link and find a wonderful collection of information of whatever we were looking for.

But those days of geniene links are gone, today we are the victims of spam, the victims of false online advertising. How can we be expected to trust the internet if 50% of links posted are just a person trying to post their website for free online.

What constitutes spam

From my personal opinion, any person who posts his/ her link on a website just for the purpose of advertising their business is a spammer. If that link was posted to answer a question, or add value to the Forum or topics being discussed then I would say this is not spam.

Spam has damaged the credibility of the internet.

The internet was once used by the US military to exchange important information, now since the internet can be used and abused by just about anybody, our view of data should change, spam has damaged the credibility of the internet. If we were lucky enough to actually own a website with over 1000 writers, we would probably find that over 80% of the articles contributed were spam of some kind.

Types of Spammers.

1. Get rich quick ads (so many its crazy), my question is if you actually did get rich online, or working at home, then why arent you living in Monaco and not on this website?

2. Affiliate marketing, these are marketing people who are rewarded for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliates own.

3. Forum Spammers, these are the people who post a website link, and say things like [Great Article] and their website link of course.

4. Online Advertising Spammers: There are so many spam ads on classified and online advertising websites. Most of these ads are removed.

5. Email Spammers. The lowest of the low, how they got my email address I will never know. But Luckly my spam filter seems to pick up these and destroy them. Im not sure why but over the years of email spamming, I have won billions of Dollars, pity I was too lazy to actually claim my prize.

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