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We created some top tips for your online advertising campaign. You not have the political connections or the money to get exposure for your business.

* Tip 1. Start here

Well dont give up, there is hope and it starts on this website, you can post your business for free Here

* Tip 2. Use Forums

Join as many forums as you can and dont just post your links, use the forum to make friends and connections that could translate into website traffic. Answer relevant questions with a link to your site. [Dont overdo posting your links since you could get banned]

* Tip 3. Use online advertising sites.

Various sites like and offer payed-for ads that can boost your internet advertising online.

* Tip 4. List on your local search engines.

You cant start a website and expect it to be found or get hight traffic straight away. You need to subit it to google first then wait a month or so. Growing a website is time consuming and takes patience and dedication. Start small on your local google search engine, monitor where your site is for certain search terms and what postition it is on a daily basis.

* Tip 5. Get google Analytics setup.

The best tip by far is to start your google ytics account, this is critical to the success of your website. You can monitor see what people are typing into google to find your website, what country they come from, how long they stay, how quick they leave ;) and even what browser they use, this kind of information allows you to see trends and map out the direction your advertising may be attracting or allow you to steer the ship in a new direction.

Hope these online advertising tips help.

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