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Off-Site Data Backup
South Africa - Durban
Off-site data Backups 0ffers a secure , automated and affordable off-site backup solution.
Most businesses have great intentions on backing up dta and initially they do. As with all of us we sometimes get lazy and forget to backup. Our off-site backup solution does away with all of this as it is automated. Your data is backup off-site to 3 servers where it secure , yet easily accessible via passwords.

What is computer security software?

Computer security software is software that ensures the integrity of your data. An off-site backup solution that does not encrypt your data is not secure .Our off-site backup solution is secure and your data is encrypted.

How safe is the average persons computer?

Your computer is really not safe when connected to the internet , you need ant-virus programs, malware programs and anti-spyware programs to help combat cyber attacks from the outside. The safest computer is one that is not connected to the internet.

What types of threats do you get online?

Trojan Horse

How do you protect against computer viruses?

A recognised anti-virus or internet security program is the best option. Call our offices for the best advice.

What should I do if my computer gets attacked?

Switch off and call your computer support.

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