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What is niche advertising, is your business suited to some type of niche market, . By [Niche] we mean the specific products, advertising or offerings aimed at satisfying specific market needs. When large companies swallow up the majority of your business, you need to focus on specific untapped services that your business can do you start advertising to that specific market

The scope for this kind of product is large and the implementation often requires some kind of specialist skills or employees. Niches advertising is a special technique of finding specialist websites and forums to promote your products, its about listening to the needs of your clients and adding to existing services. Regular Advertising is about exposing your product to anyone who will listen but niche advertising has a specific with clear objectives.

Niche markets have high demand but low supply, its all about finding out where the gaps lie in some market, secondly you need to ask [can my products cater for that gap or even adapt to fit some sub-market]

How do you start advertising to a Niche market?

You need to use regular advertising methods with a large focus to your target market, using google to research your [niches] can give you all kinds of platforms to advertise your product, there are thousands of websites and specifically forums that deal with a single topis, register your profile and read what people are in need of, if your business can help post your link or offer some advice. Google adwords is a great example for niche advertising, you can target keywords specific to your market [its not even so expensive]

Research your Niche with search Engines

Any Website in the Top 20 results for some search term can be considered fairly successfull. These sites offer not just traffic but valuable information to use in your advertising campaign. Some sites may specialise in [Dog Gifts] others [childrens gifts] the term [gifts] is common but the two sites are worlds apart in terms of their niche advertising and marketing campaigns.

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