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New proposal for e-waste in the EU
United Kingdom - Europe
The European Parliaments environmental committee have voted on tuesday for a new proposal that would force large ratailers to take in old electronic devices like mobile phones, old laptops and computers. This proposal was approved with over 50 votes.

What been happening with e-waste

During Feb 2011 MEPs voted to approve changes to the draft WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) with 580 votes in favour. This would mean much tougher rules on e-waste withing the EU.

Parliamentarians are now say, "everybody should bear the burden of e-waste, since this is good for the enviroment."

Parliamentarian Karl-Heinz Florenz leads the cause

"Recycling is Good for the enviroment and good for the economy" the German Parliamentarian is leading the cause on waste, electrical and electronic equipment (WEE). He also commented, "We can no longer afford to waste our waste. Parliament has sent a strong message that public authorities, manufacturers and consumers all need to play their part to ensure we collect and recycle more of our electrical and electronic goods."

We Cannot ship EU waste to third world countries.

So what is the proposal from the European Parliament? Well there are a few guidelines to what they would like to achieve.

1. Parliament says that Member States should collect 85% of the e-waste.

2. Proper treatment of e-waste can help reclaim raw materials.

3. Large amounts of e-waste are being declared as [reusable] and illegally exported for treatment in developing countries, this often does not happen, Parliament further said that the exporter should carry the burden of proof that goods are reusable.

4. Large retailers should take in old electronic items, even if the item was not purchased at that retailer, this would include online retailers.

My Personal view on the e-waste

I believe this is a good step in the right direction, they amount of landfill and space these items take is enormous and without strict rules for all parties, including us the consumer, how can we create a safer planet. The retailers would need to step in and help, they make profits from these items, so therefore they should be largely responsible for its recycling.

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