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New You Life Diet
United States - Chicago
We offer meal plans, grocery shopping lists, newsletters, and informational emails to help you learn more about nutrition. We can help you integrate healthy eating and exercise into you daily life.
Start your path to a healthier more attractive you today!
We call it New You Life Diet, because this is a diet you can do for the rest of your life. It is based on eating healthy and exercising. We expect that you will try our recipes and do our suggested work outs leading you to find yourself leaner and more confident. We are just giving you the tools to educate yourself and get into the habit of being healthy. We dont want to sell you a product you will have to buy over and over for the rest of your life. We hope to expand when you tell your friends about how you were able to get healthy without any crash diets. The information we put out in our newsletters and emails is meant to be inspirational and teach you things you would learn in a high school or college nutrition class.

What diets work, and what diets should people avoid?

Diets that include real nutrition such as green vegetables work. Diets that dont work include restrictive diets that force you to cut out complete food groups.

Any adivce for a person with regards to their health?

Depending on what your health concerns are, we can address them. If you have celiac disease we can make you gluten-free meal plans. If you have heart disease we can make you heart healthy meals.

What foods are considered harmful?

Foods that are considered harmful include those that are high in calories, sugar, and fat and low in macro and micronutrients.

Can you give any good diet plans?

This website is a diet plan.

What do most people struggle with when on a diet?

Most people on a diet struggle with restrictions.

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It it possible to loose about 20 pounds on this deit.. is it safe? "Free Advertising Online"