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Are you serious to protect your data and overall website of your online business?
If the answer is Yes, youre in the right place. In regardless if you have just newly built your Online business or has been in the Online business for sometime, is time for me to
Design or Implement your Network Security tailor to your Business needs and objectives.

Do email me now and find out what I can do apart from just Designing.

What is computer security software?

Design to protect or prevention from computer systems, programs and files. Keep safe from virus. This important as all of us stored data and it is easy for an attacker to get or all the informations in regardless you are student or business profession.

How safe is the average persons computer?

It depends on the individual. If the person have set Firewall, IPS, IDS and email like PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). Not forgetting for the wire and router as well. This is consider safe for an average person.

What types of threats do you get online?

Usual threats online such as incoming emails with fraudelent attachment that can cause the spread of virus. Others like Malware when the user wants to download application and also from Malware, it can get an additional virus such as Trojan viruses in the computer.

How do you protect against computer viruses?

By installing antivirus and keep your antivirus update. Implement the settings of Firewall. This way, when user wants to surf or download will be ask when Firewall detect illegal websites or downloads. For the emails, if receving emails suspicion of the given attachment, it or Keep Clear of your SPAM mail box most of the time. O

What should I do if my computer gets attacked?

If the attack is from attachment which contains of virus, physically unplug or disconnect to your desktop or laptop. This is to avoid others to get infected. Remove the virus, reinstall the antivirus and perform virus scan all over your PC. Always have back up your data.

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