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Natural Weight Loss and Energy
United States - Lee County
The time to start a home based business is NOW! Become a business owner for under $300.00, and join a fast growing company in a billion dollar market. Join us at Regeneca Worldwide and share health products that you will enjoy using yourself. You will have confidence in what you sell, because others will ask how you lost weight and look younger.

What is your business history?

Regeneca Worldwide started marketing its flagship product, RegeneSlim, about two years ago. Our largest concentrations of sales are in California and Florida. Canada, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Dominican Republic also have growing interests.

Any advice for buyers?

Try our products to see yourself, or waste no time becomming an IBO (Independent Business Owner). There is still limited representation in many states, so the opportunity is now! How many people do you know that are trying to lose a few, 50, or more pounds? You will have the answer they are looking for.

Do you have any product guarantees

Regeneca Worldwide guarantees all of their products for pharmaceutical grade quality and freshness. There are no ingredients that are not FDA approved. Regeneca also backs their products with a money back guarantee outlined at the corporate website.

What is your average net profit and turnover?

As a fully qualified IBO, you will enjoy an average 30% profit on retail sales. Once Star Qualified, you will open up several more earning opportunities. There is almost no limit to earning potential. A detailed compensation plan is available to define all bonuses and rewards.

Should investors know anything else?

Some of our top IBOs came from other marketing businesses. The attractions are: sharing products that really work, in a market that is not already flooded, excellent compensation plan, and corporate executives that you can actually meet and talk to.

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