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Natural Earth Sealants
South Africa - Louis Ttrichardt
Natural Earth Sealants is the distributors of B-Earth Eco friendly paints in the Limpopo region. Our products are all environmental friendly and water based. Our products is non hazardous and easy to use. The paints is long lasting and durable, and could be used almost any place big or small. Rising damp in walls or leaking ponds or pools we have the solutions for you, or worried about your thatch roofs burning or getting plucked out or damaged by birds. Contact us for more info.

What Construction Materials do you offer?

Environmental Friendly, water based building paints ,sealers, road paint, wood sealers, thatch protection spray on coats, liquid rubber for rubberizing surfaces or pick-ups and trailers. Metal rust preventative paints and floor screed paints for workshops and heavy duty working areas

How do you actually work with your materials?

Painting buildings and surfaces, virtually any surface, used indoors in houses, offices, shops, hospitals basically anywhere inside or outside. Liquid rubber is used on counter tops trailers and wide variety of surfaces. Thatch protection is applied on your thatched areas and provide a non flammable protection layer over you thatch

What tools and techniques do you use everyday?

In the offices for marketing we use internet, facebook and the newspaper to place ads. The painters who do the application of the products are trained on how to prepare the surfaces and apply the products, using sanding paper, ph neutralizer and then the B-Earth products as revised

What should you look for when buying construction materials?

Look for quality and lasting products that carry a guarantee and that is SABS approved for building and painting purposes. And look for a place were you will get the customer service and satisfaction that is needed, to be sure you and your supplier will be walking long way and the supplier must be willing to go that extra mile for his client.

What trends do you see lately in the industry?

Products that show it is guaranteed for this period of time but they dont last as it state on the product that it will last. and then the suppliers refer it as that the application was wrong fully carried out and they cant take responsibility for that. And it ends up with a unhappy client.

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