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Megachat4dsi [works on all devices so far]
United States - Chester
This is a very good site, it is meant for chatting, specifically for dsi, but it does work on every device weve tested so far [most phones, apple stuff, android internet tablet and a dell laptop, and obviously ds/dsi/3ds] There are forums, and soon there should be games [HTML5 and games compatible with dsi] Theres also going to be a game section for users who are using a computer/laptop.

What is your forums main goal?

To let people talk about whatever cuz its not just a forum site, its mainly a chat site with over 10 chatrooms.

How did you come up with your ideas?

I was bored and it was suggested that I make a site.

What do most people love about this forum?

That they can say whatever without censoring themselves.

Extra information about your business?

There is no extra information right now besides that it isnt a forum site, its a chat site with forums on it.

How do people contact you?

Just register by entering any chatroom and start using the site.

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