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Marketing of Mining Safety Supplies
South Africa - Midrand
Bond Street Exports was setup to service primarily the Southern African Market. Currently we cover the following Countries, South Africa, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and DRC Congo.Our target markets are the Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Drilling Industries, we however cover most other industries on a smaller scale. Our product range is Tapes Adhesive and Non Adhesive, Safety PPE, Packaging Materials, Fire Fighting, farming, and Road Safety.

What is your business goal?

The goal of Bond Street Exports is increase our market in the Southern African region, by looking at the demand for other products thereby adding to our existing lines as well as increasing our sales to existing clients. We intend to look at other Countries in the region that we can do business with.

What is your business history?

Bond Street Exports is a South African based Company.The directors of Bond Street Exports have been involved in the export market since 1984. The first Country we managed to get a foothold in is the DRC Congo known as Zaire at that time. It was our dream to open up a Branch in the most promising Country in the region that can service several neighboring Countries. After doing a trade show in Zambia in 2001 it was clear that Zambia was the Country that was most suitable. In 2002 we started the process to register a Company in Zambia and Start trading. We have never looked back, we cover the whole of Zambia, parts of the DRC Congo and Angola. We will not stop there.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

I good question to ask is there a market for my goods in the market I wish to service, if yes you go in and make it happen. If there is not a sufficient demand for my goods can I create a demand or could I look at expanding my range of goods or services to make my business viable.As with every business I have to work within certain financial parameters, with that in mind I understand certain factors may impact at certain times of the year on my sales, for example seasonal business, say with the cotton producers or farmers, I am constantly looking for new products to fill that gap.

What are your long term goals?

My Long Term goal is to double my sales and become the premium supplier of my products in Zambia and the DRC Congo. With this in mind I understand that I have to constantly look at quality and pricing.

What is your most popular product / service?

Safety Products for the Mining and related Industries, and the construction and manufacturing industries.Safety products are used in almost all industries so we do have a lot of smaller users which has the effect of increasing the sales of safety products.

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Bond Street Exports
Importers, Exporters and wholesalers to Southern Africa of TAPES, Printed,adhesive, non adhesive, Reflective , Warning , Barrier , Underground , safety products, packaging, Reflective Products, Fire Fighting Equipment, Bubble, Pallet Wrap, Strapping, Newsprint, Stretch Wrap, Double sided , Flat back Masking, Splicing, packaging,buff , Clear , Eurocell, Euro Cell, Tesa , Avast , Advance , Sellotape, Printed,Boots, Gumboots, Safety , Claw ,Boots, Hitec , Magnum,, Fire Extinguishers, Masking ,Filament, Duct ,Carton Boxes, Teflon,, Stereo Mount , Gloves, Face shields, Dust Masks, respirators ETC

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