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How do you go about making a website to sell products, this may seem like a simple question but the tricky part is often knowing what works and what does not work online.

What types of products do you sell?

You need to ask yourself what product or service you are actually selling, if you are selling a single service you need to put up pages that decribe in detail what your services are. These kinds of website do not really grow that large since not much content can really be placed online.

If you are selling a range of products, you are much more suited to building a high traffic website that should allow users to navigate around your categories, search for products and order items online.

How to setup your product pages?

Most websites that display products online use categories to group similar items, these are usually handled by a database of categories that have links to all the individual products that fall under them.

If you setup your website using Asp or Php you can create Dynamic "CategoryIDs". Lets assume a user clicks on [Graphics Cards], this sends the website to the page categories that understands that [Graphics Cards] was clicked, after that all the graphics cards in your database are loaded.

This would then have some short descriptions and title that allow people to click and view more information about a particular product. I would suggest using Html pages for displaying your product details since this works best on Google.

Dynamic Pages Versus Html

Dynamic pages are the pages that load based on a query string. You will see these query strings in your URL, they usually have a question mark followed by some id that is loaded into the page you are generating. These pages always communicate with a database and load any data needed, these pages are good for categories, blogs, forums and anything that requires repetitive processing.

Html pages are better for Google and are safer from hackers since they cannot easily be deleted since they do not reside on the database. They are physically stored on your webserver in a folder. With a few tricks you can make any Html page just as flexible with good ality as a pages created using Dynamic Ids and Server Pages.

Conclusions on selling products online

To sell a product you need traffic, once you start getting more traffic you need to display products using a combination of Dymanic pages while using Html pages to display details about your products.

Your website should be easy to navigate not only for people who visit it but for Google bots that crawl your site looking for pages to register.

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