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Loving Child Montessori
South Africa - Weltevreden Park, Rooderpoort
Loving child Montessori is set in the quiet suburbs of Weltevreden Park.
The school accepts children from 18 months to 6 years.

The academic day runs from 7:30 to 12:30 for half day scholars. Aftercare is available until 17:00.

The school is an authentic Montessori school offering the best education using the methods of the Montessori Philosophy.

Our outdoor play area offers countless activities to enhance the motor development of children.

What daycare activities do you provide for the children?

The Primary purpose of LOVING CHILD MONTESSORI is to provide a peaceful,respectful and educational environment, where your child is helped to develop himself/herself emotionally,physically,socially and intellectually towards reaching their full potential as individuals.

Do you offer any form of special education?

The children are introduced to letter sounds first and then continue to learn letter names and shapes.They then progress naturally to reading skills.

Concepts are presented through extensive concrete material. This allows the child to understand mathematical concepts easier.

These activities are designed to isolate and sharpen each of the 5 senses.

This helps the child learn to in his/her own environment, and is preliminary to more advanced learning.

Geography, History, Botany, Biology and Grammar are used to expand the childs knowledge of the world and environment that surrounds them.

How many kids are there per class?

We have small groupings to ensure all children receive the attention they deserve.
Toddlers are naturally curious, therefore we encourage the child to explore freely. Activities are placed around the room, each with a particular theme, skill or subject value to toddler development. Outdoor activities and daily walks are an important part of the day, as are reading and quiet play. The Directress provides respect, tenderness and warmth that allow the children to blossom.

Montessori children learn by discovery and a sense of wonder. By nurturing the intrinsic desire in every child to explore his/her world, this method establishes a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Our environment fosters the natural ability for each child to love and grow.

Can you tell us about your daycare prices?

Children are grouped in vertical grouping in a prepared environment, which is essential for the success of the Montessori Method. This allows the Directress to develop close and long term relationships with the children while also learning each childs learning style. The child is always learning something that is indirectly preparing him/her to learn something else, making education a joyous discovery.

Montessori assumes that children are born intelligent they simply learn in different ways and progress at their own pace. CHILDREN LEARN THROUGH PLAY and hands on experience as well as investigation. They learn not to be afraid of making mistakes. They see mistakes as natural steps to learning.

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