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Looking for a Software Developer
South Africa - Johannesburg
If you need a simple desktop application or a complete management system , we can design and develop it for you. Our Custom Software Application Development Services address your unique needs to bridge the gap between your existing software and to derive competetive edge from custom software applications centred on your business startegy. we us ethe following leading technologes:
.Net Software development using C# development using C#
SQL server database development
MySQL database development
Java development
Oracle database application development

What is your business goal?

To build performance enhanced systems that simplify and automate complex business procedures thus increasing efficiency while cutting down costs. Profy Technologies is committed to building world class products and services.we believe that great IT systems help build successful businesses

What is your business history?

Profy Technologies was established in 2010 . It is an IT dedicated business entity contracted with certified IT personnel who have extensive experience in leading information technology methodologies. We have provided our service to small and medium businesses over the years.

Any tips about your industry for our users?

We can ensure you that your business can get the most out of what you have and what you can do with it. we loo at your business at granular level and then design a complete solution from the ground up based on your stated objectives. We also do computer upgrades, implementation and customization to make sure you are up to date in this dynamic IT led business world.

What are your long term goals?

To be the worlds leading IT services company with our IT solutions. We strive to develop systems and applications that are robust and that will increase efficiency in the work place while reducing operational costs.

What is your most popular product / service?

Profy Technologies offers a wide range of services which include, hardware supplies, website development, software sales and upgrades. we are VMware and Google Certified Partners. Our hardware supplies are not limited to the following products, desktops, laptops, Ipads, net books, UPS solutions, Routers, servers

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My Products / Services
IT Support
Worry less about your IT and spend more time running your business.
We provide network support,design and implementation of advanced security procedures. Through the proactive management of your network and our professional IT support from our experienced team you are rest assured we will solve your problem no matter how big it is. Small and medium businesses can fare very well in todays economy outsourcing their IT support using Profy Technologies.

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Profy Technologies
Profy Technologies is an IT dedicated business entity with Certified IT personnel with extensive experience in the IT industry. Profy Technologies is committed to give world class products and services

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