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Leadership and Business Skills Training
South Africa - Johannesburg
Tholile Recruitment and Training Company.Practical and inspirational training in leadership and business skills at affordable rates from experienced trainers with extensive training and business experience in South Africa, Botswana and Sierra Leone. Part of a network of training and HR consulting professionals who are in it for the love of training.

What skills are in demand worldwide?

Leadership skills and the entire range of business skills required for thriving, learning and growing organisations. A few examples are presentation skills, planning skills, time management, innovation, emotional intelligence.

Any advice for somebody wanting to study?

Options range from short courses in training and presentation skills to degrees, supported by practical experience.

Do you need a degree in your field?

Not necessarily. A portfolio of short courses can provide the skills and tools necessary, enhanced by practical experience.

Is this recognized worldwide or locally, if so with who?

Training qualifications are recognised locally and by South African Sector Education and Training Authorities and the South African Qualification Authority.

What options are available to students?

Short courses by accredited providers, diplomas, degrees.

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My Products / Services
Leadership and Business Skills
Supervisory / Management / Leadership Courses
Performance Management
Service Excellence
PA Development
Handling Poor Performance and Work Habits
Presentation Skills
Conflict Handling
Negotiating Skills
Interview Skills
Time Management
Effective Meetings
Change Management
Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence
Fatigue Management
Financial Health with follow - up consultation
Other courses on request, customised for purpose

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Oliver Tichmann
Experienced training and HR professional, passionate about development, growth and bottom line results from training. Also available to consult on HR processes and tools. Experience in South Africa, Botswana and Sierra Leone. Serious about growth through training.

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