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Landis Garden Services
South Africa - Boksburg
I specialize in Garden Services, we also do rubble removal and landscaping. We are there to take care of your garden so you dont have to worry about it. We deliver exceptional service. I am there at each and every clients garden to make sure the work gets done the way the client wants it. The client can sit back and relax and be sure that I will deliver a great service.

Do you have any good landscaping ideas for people?

Its always nice to have plants like Agapanthus in your garden you cant also do with some special grasses between you plants its nice to have pot plants close to your windows with a plant today, yesterday and tommorow the smell is just amazing and what better way to wake up in the summer with a smell like that. Pepples in a garden makes it look fresh and clean. Also make sure that you have ever green plants in your garden for those winter days.

What are the average landscaping costs around?

The costs on landscaping depends on what the clients
needs are. Thats why I go out to the client and give a free quote.

Any landscaping ideas for flowers?

Planting garlic close to your roses keeps the insects away.
The height of tall roses can be reduced if you undercut just as long as there are leaves on the stem below the cut. Water the roses twice a week only 15mm of water each time. Feed your rose with granular fertiliser atleast once a month when its growing season.

What are your general fees?

Gardening fees depends on the size of the garden and the amount of work that needs to be done. Its very hard to say if you have not seen a garden. It also depends if a clients want you to plant grass or if he need diffrent types of plant and flower every person has different taste.

Do you have a team, how do you operate?

I only have a team of 3 people. I belive that its not how many people are working for you but the quality and time spend on each task. I run my own garden service and there for I am at each and every clients garden to make sure that the job gets done the way the client wants it. I have a great love for the outdoors and the smell of cut grass thats why for me to get my hand durty is no a problem. We also make sure that a client pool are clean and taken care off.

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I am a hardworking person with a saying that things gets done the right way or not at all and I love the outdoors with smell of flowers and cut grass. I belive that in running your own business
with success is not being afraid to get your hand durty.

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