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LED lighting
South Africa - Gauteng Pretoria
LED lights save money and electricity. 20% of your electricity account is lighting. 45% of your bill is your geyser, we can solve that problem too! LED lights may be more expensive than CFLs or incandescent lamps but last so much longer, use much less electricity and therefore save money.

What tools are used in the lighting trade?

Test meters. LED lights normally come in 12 volt or 220 volt systems. When removing old transformers, correct wiring must be used and correct connectors properly crimped. Lights may be changed by unqualified electricians.

Did you study any courses, what were they?

I have been in electronics all my life, having a TV satellite repair business in Pietermaritzburg. I studied marine radio and radar at Southampton Tech in UK also have City and Guilds in telecommunication.

Any trade secrets people need to know about?

Always be very careful of electricity. Use insulated tools, and be aware that capacitors can hold a charge for quite a period of time even if not in use! Always keep checking to make sure that your working area is not live.

What trends have you seen lately?

There has been a tremendous advance in electronics in my lifetime, however the basic principles of electricity remain the same. I have seen a trend in electrical work to be not as good as it was, take care and work well.

Any advice about environmentally friendly lights?

There are many overseas manufacturers of LED lights. Some good, some not. However most of them are better than using old fashioned CFLs or incandescent globes. Try and find lights with a good guarantee, ie two years.

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LED lighting
LED lights really do save money and electricity. With Eskom increases of 25% for three years and now 16% for the next three years it makes sense to look for new technology. LED lights can last up to 50000 hours and some lights have at least a one to two year guarantee, thus saving that nuisance of having to keep changing bulbs. LED lights are very bright and come in warm white and cool white. Cool whites are slightly brighter and are very popular in kitchens, whereas warm whites are preferred in lounges. LED lights come in a variety of bases and can substitute virtually any light from small lights to flood lights to street lights.

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