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Kuyper Photography
United States - Colorado Springs
Award Winning Photography available in over 145 different elegant products, ranging from mugs with pictures to hanging wall mounted designer frames that you can fill with some of our best, most vibrant, high resolution photography. For an inexpensive price, you can add great artistic photographs to your home or office to give the space a lively and fresh appearance! With our intuitive web site, you can choose your favorite one of our award winning photos and customize a product to make it the best it can be for whatever application you desire!

Can you give a photographer job description?

As photographers, we scour our area, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, looking for that perfect photograph. Using high-resolution DSLR cameras, our photographers use skill and timing to create one of a kind images that strive to awe those who see them.

What photography classes have you done?

I have taken a photograph composition and editing class called Digital Photo Enhancement, and have learned from some of the best professional photographers in the Colorado Springs area, learning about the intricacies of a well thought out photography business.

What should people know about photography?

As onlookers see the photographs in our collection, it can be seen how artistic and creative the photographs can be. As photographers, it is not only robotic point-shoot actions that drive us, but the unique creativity and artistic talent that can bring the world a stunning and beautiful image.

What passions do you have for photography?

I am passionate for the unlimited possibilities that are presented in the venue of photography. When I go out into the world and see all the things that I could capture in a brilliant image, it ignites a drive within me to see what beauty in the world I can portray.

What are your fees / prices?

My prices are very inexpensive for the quality and versatility of the products offered. All the products I offer are fully customizable and available in numerous sizes and shapes. I mainly offer photography prints, but some other products available are hanging canvas wall displays, photographic calendars, t-shirts, and aluminum displays. Some low cost options are available, so that no matter what your budget, we have something for you!

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My Products / Services
Custom Photographs
I will be willing to find the perfect photograph for you if you e-mail me with your request. If, looking though my website, you are unable to find the perfect photograph for your desire, please specify what you are looking for, and I will do my best to give you a variety of high quality photographs to choose from. When you e-mail me, I will respond shortly and let you know if I am able to complete your request. Good photography takes time, so be patient with me while I accommodate your request. Once I have a selection for you, I will post the options on a special private gallery and I will give you a unique access code to look at your custom pictures. There will be an option for you to buy these photographs in whatever product you would like, and there will be no additional cost over and above the standard pricing.

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