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Kunbi Integers Game
South Africa - Gauteng
Maths in its current form cannot be understood but memorized because it is abstract, for example 3-2 is equal to 1 but 2-3 is impossible because you cannot minus 3 apples from 2 meaning that you cannot give what you dont have! Mathematicians say the answer is -1, which is abstract because you cannot have negative apples!! Kunbi Integers Game demystifies this abstractness!!! We use Computer Aided Instruction in form of a game to teach abstract Maths concepts such as Integers. Being that games appeal to learners. Visit our website given below for more details and buy the game for as low as $185 or R1800.

What mathematics careers do you get?

I hold a BSC (Maths/Educ) 1985, MSC (Maths /Computing) 1991 and PhD (Operations Research) 2011. I have been learning, teaching and researching into problem in teaching and learning of maths for 27yrs, and I have solution to the mass failure of learners in Mathematics at all level. Check our website for more details.

How can you become good at Math?

Going by my research, learners and their teachers are not to be blamed for the problem, but the mathematicians who do not know their trade well enough to teach others! Maths is a problem solving tool and fun. abstract maths concept can be played as games. Visit our website given below to buy the game.

What types of maths do you get?

I have re-engineered mathematics and have come up with mathematics that makes sense, which I coined Proper Mathematics. This include establishing the world of maths and taking both learners and their teachers on excursion to this world through workshops.Visit our website to buy the game.

What skills are tought?

The world of Mathematics consists of fundamental basics and concepts like Kunbi Integers game. Participants of the excursion workshops are equipped with background knowledge required to understand maths taught in class and textbooks when doing private study. Visit our website to buy the game.

What type of student will benefit from this?

Learners from Primary 2 and their teachers up to University undergraduates STEM students. Parents & guidance who help learners with homework will benefit. Everyone stand to benefit because mathematics in its current state cant be understood but memorised. Visit our website given below for details and buy the game for as low as $185 or R1800.

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