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Kids Like Us Pinata Factory
South Africa - Randburg
Kids Like us create customized pinatas to compliment any occasion. We have a vast range including many popular themes and unique designs that can turn any gathering into a celebration. We also offer mini pinatas and pinata styled party packs to add the special touch to your special event, visit us at

Are you a party planner for kids or adults?

We have pinatas to delight young and old alike, and accompany every celebration, including birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorettes parties, weddings and anniversaries, sports and corporate events, or what ever fiesta your heart desires

What extra service do you provide your clients?

All our pinatas are handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail and even though we have a very extensive range, we delight in creating customized creations. We can create the perfect pinata for you..

What should people know about planning an event?

I believe in taking time out to celebrate the small stuff, its good for the heart. You dont need to blow your budget or invite the whole world. Remember who youre celebrating and why and make it uniquely special to them

Why and how did you start this business?

Pinatas are great fun, and I have great fun making them, and as long as theres a demand for them I couldnt think of a better job

How many events have you done?

enough to know how to do them well, but no enough that theyre not exiting anymore

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