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Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems
United States - Pittsburgh
At JAN-PRO, we realize the test every cleaning company must pass is whether the value of its service is worth the cost. That is why our goal is to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, professional cleaning service at the best possible price.

What cleaning services do you offer?

We focus on the following business sectors:

Property Management/Commercial Buildings
Fitness Centers/Health Clubs
Medical Centers/Physician Practices
Churches/Religious Facilities
Banks/Financial Institutions
Auto Dealerships
Preschool/Kindergarten Facilities
Retail buildings

Special Services

Hard floor re-finishing including stripping, scrubbing, burnishing, and buffing
Carpet extraction, shampooing, and bonnet cleaning
Furniture extraction cleaning
Window cleaning
Cubicle cleaning
Consulting services

Do you have any cleaning tips for our users?

Please Like our Facebook page to get free tips every day on cleaning, safety, household help and more!

What products and items do you clean with?

What is the definition of clean ? Ask 100 people and youll likely get 100 different answers. At JAN-PRO youll only ever hear one answer.

Its Only Clean When Our Processes Confirm Its Clean.

Heres how JAN-PRO takes the guesswork out of what clean really means.

JP Signature Clean Defines Quality
JP Signature Clean describes our quality commitment and our quality processes. To achieve JP Signature Clean results our owner-operators receive the most rigorous training in the industry a five week program during which they learn the finer points of commercial cleaning such as:

The importance of dwell time when disinfecting
How to maintain bacteria-free high touch surfaces
How to thoroughly dust offices without disrupting desktops
Thorough carpet cleaning techniques
Which treatments to use on hard floor surfaces
How to work safely in public areas
How to work cleaner... and greener
How to look for ways to add value for their customers

JP Tracker Measures Quality
JP Tracker represents our hands on practice of routinely checking our work and benchmarking our results. Many cleaning companies promise this, but sadly few deliver it with sufficient regularity or depth of measurement. At JAN-PRO our approach is much more demanding. Heres how it works.

When you sign with JAN-PRO, JP Tracker begins with a first impressions survey. We check every aspect of your cleaning requirements, and determine what and where to focus our attention and expertise.
After an agreed initial period, usually 30 days, a JAN-PRO Operations Specialist physically inspects your property and measures our lasting impressions. This process uses a 50 point checklist so nothing is left to chance.
Any adjustments to service are made and the inspections continue on a regular schedule.

JP Technics Delivers Quality
JP Technics provides the science behind our services. We take our definition of quality commercial cleaning, overlay our measurement of it and then make sure we deliver it using the most advanced products and equipment available, including:

Hospital strength disinfectants for broad spectrum coverage
Backpack vacuums with four filters and ratings that exceed Hepa standards for cleaning air
Microfiber cloths designed to trap dirt and hold it in a positively charged state for more effective cleaning
Cleaning chemicals that cover a greater area while using less product our cleaning greener initiative
Uniformed crews with I/D badge and the right safety equipment on board.

As youll see, these processes go way beyond promises. To learn more about JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems, please contact JAN-PRO.

Extra information about your business?

We are so confident about our services, we GUARANTEE our work! Every day nearly 8,000 JAN-PRO owner-operators across the country bring our clients the kind of high quality service that has propelled JAN-PRO to a ranking of #1 Growth Franchise in Commercial Cleaning for two years in a row! No other company in our industry offers a written guarantee such as this!

JAN-PRO guarantees to complete all of its regularly scheduled cleaning commitments on time.

JAN-PRO also guarantees to respond to, and promptly resolve, any specific service issues within one business day. Should JAN-PRO fail to meet either of these obligations, a complimentary cleaning call will be scheduled.

This guarantee is supported by three unique commitments to branded services: JAN-PRO Signature Clean, JAN-PRO Tracker, and JAN-PRO Technics.
These Benefits Are Yours:

More stable cleaning crews who know your property.
More thorough and reliable cleaning every time
More frequent performance evaluations and reporting
More efficient cleaning technology
More thorough cleaning for a healthier work environment

The JAN-PRO Guarantee is a reflection of the commitment that comes from the best training, equipment and measurable processes available. More importantly, its a commitment that begins with a positive attitude and a drive to always do better! This is what makes JAN-PRO a different kind of commercial cleaning company.

How do people contact you?

Please visit our webpage to learn more or to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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